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Dance Exercise

This mixed ability class is designed to stretch, tone and loosen the body, improve co-ordination and memory skills, and increase general fitness. Using music of different styles and rhythms for the specially choreographed dance routines there's something for everyone. Very suitable for over 50’s


Dance Mobility

A little less strenuous than Dance Exercise, this class encourages you to move with flow and suppleness often using apparatus to focus and extend the dance routines.

Lifting your spirits this class will exercise your whole body and your mind.


Gentle Exercise

This class is for those with restricted mobility or who simply wish to take things a little more easily. Devised to beautiful classical music the programme concentrates on controlled work to increase the range of joint movement, muscle strength and balance. Many of the exercises are performed seated and the chair can be used to aid balance when standing.


Line Dancing

For those with some dance experience, this mixed ability class covers a wide range of dances including old standards, latin and pop as well as the latest new releases, and is suitable for beginners and those who have line danced before.


Tap Dance, Intermediate and Advanced

If you already know your shuffle from your pick-up and you've mastered a Time Step you will enjoy these classes with their varied styles and exploration of more complex rhythms.


Classical Ballet, Intermediate and Advanced

This class has been especially devised for adults with previous ballet experience, and includes barre, port de bras, adage, allegro enchainments and longer balletic variations.  A chance to work on your posture, poise and strength.


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